Queen Pageant Entry Form

2024 Orleans Dogwood Festival Queen Contest

Saturday, April 20, 2024  5 pm


  1.  This event will be judged the morning before the pageant with the judges at the Orleans Elementary School.  Each contestant will speak with the judges separately for five to seven minutes.
    1. Each contestant should be 10 minutes early to their scheduled interview time.  If a contestant is late for their interview, the judges will see them after all contestants have been interviewed IF time allows it and judges agree to interview that contestant.
  2. Attire: In the past, we have done solid black pants or skirt; solid white top (blouse, jacket, etc) because this is the attire required at the state level.  This year we are opening the attire requirements, and the contestants can wear professional interview attire of their choice.
  3. This event will be judged on your personality, ability to converse, and poise and professional attire.

The contestants will be scored on a scale from 0-50 during the interview judging.

Interview Wear

  1. This will be the first event judged in the pageant.  Each contestant will walk on stage in their interview wear for their introduction.  They may wear their interview outfit from earlier that day or something different if they choose.
  2. Attire: Suit, Pant Suit, or Dress.  A suit does not have to be of the same fabric – separates are allowed.  No midriff showing is permitted on stage during interview stage presence.
  3. This event will be judged on posture, poise, attire, and overall impression.

The contestant will be scored on a scale from 0-15 during the interview wear judging.

Evening Gown

  1. This will be the second event judged on stage.
  2. When choosing a formal gown, at least one portion of the hemline must be floor length (touching the floor or contestant’s foot).  A gown with the skirt split above the knee (more than 2″ above the knee), a low-cut bodice, and/or cut/design is inappropriate for the State pageant and may be discounted by the judges at the Dogwood pageant.

The contestants will be scored on a scale from 0-15 during the evening gown judging.

On-Stage Question

  1. This will be the third event judged on stage.
  2. While on stage in evening gown, each contestant will be asked to answer a question.  The question will be chosen by the judges and will be different for every contestant.  It will not be disclosed to the contestants until on stage.

The contestants will be scored on a scale form 0-20 during the stage question judging.


  1. Each contestant is required to have a minimum of five $20 sponsors.  You may have any business or persons you wish to sponsor you.  You will be responsible for collecting and turning in your own money.  Please have any change turned into dollars.  All checks should be made payable to the Orleans Chamber of Commerce.  Place all money and your tracking form in an envelope labeled with your name and phone number.
  2. The title of Miss Fundraiser and prize for the category will be awarded to the person who brings in the most money.
  3. All $20 or more sponsors will be announced on the night of the coronation; however, this will only be applicable to the sponsors who are turned in by 6:30 pm on Friday, April 12.
  4. This portion of the pageant will in no way determine who is chosen as the Orleans Dogwood Queen.  However, it will award an extra 5 points to the winner of Miss Fundraiser (Jr. Miss and Queen contestant combined) to go toward that contestant’s final score from the judges.


We have 2 days of practice only to allow those involve din after-school activities to make it to at least 1 practice.  Contestants do not have to attend both practices, however contestants will be judged on their poise on stage.  Becky Deweese will coach contestants how to walk properly on stage and is available to help those who advance to Indiana State Fair Queen Contest if they need her!

Practice Thursday, April 18 @ 4:00 & Friday April 19 for high school only is at 4:30.  Practice is for contestants only.

Dogwood Queen Contestant Rules and Regulations

  • You must be a student and live within the Orleans School District.  Those who are home schooled are eligible to participate provided that they reside within the school district.  Mid-term graduates and exchange students may also participate.
  • Jr. Miss Contestants must be in grades 7-8.  Queen candidates must be in grades 9-12.
  • Candidates must have five $20 sponsors.  Checks must be made out to the Orleans Chamber of Commerce.  The deadline for forms and entry fee is Friday, March 31st and can be mailed to (Ashley McDonald at 273 W Bernadine Drive, Paoli, IN 47454) or bring to Orleans Town Hall to Robert Henderson.
  • A candidate cannot have a child or be expecting at the time of the contest.
  • Those who are married, have been married or are divorced, are not eligible.
  • No parents will be allowed at practice.  Practices will only consist of contestants, chairpersons, emcee, spotlight director, and on-stage coach.
  • The Queen, and her court are required to participate in the Festival Parade.  Transportation will be up to the contestant to get for themselves to ride in the parade unless a float is provided for them.
  • The queen and her court are required to participate in all Festival events.  The Queen will serve as the hostess of the festival.  A complete schedule of events will be provided.
  • If there are ANY problems concerning the Queens and their courts behavior or actions, prior to or during the contest, you will be asked to withdraw the title.  If there are ANY problems concerning your behavior during the festival week, you may be relieved of your crown and all duties.  ALL contestants are expected to act accordingly when representing the Dogwood Festival, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Town of Orleans.
  • Candidates and parents are not permitted to confront a judge after the court has been announced.  If this happens, the candidate or parent will be asked to leave.  They will not be welcomed back next year.  The decision of the judges is FINAL.
  • If you have any questions concerning these rules, please contact the contestant co-chairpersons:  Ashley McDonald; Event Chair, 812-653-0255
  • I hereby agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the Dogwood Festival Queen Contest set forth by the contest committee and gree that the decision of the judges is final.

2024 Orleans Dogwood Jr. Miss & Queen Entry Form